12 European Countries Participate in the Webinar for Team Pencak Silat, Head of IPSI West Java Appreciates

On the television screen, 3 Pesilats performed team moves. (Special Photo).**

Reporter : Special Coverage

BANDUNG – A total of 12 countries in Europe participated in the Team Kick Webinar which was held virtually by the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI) West Java, at the IPSI Padepokan West Java, Jalan Pajajaran No.37 Bandung.

The activities which took place during these 2 stages, namely October 30 and 31 2021 and November 6 and 07 2021 were opened directly by the General Chairperson of IPSI West Java, H. Phinera Wijaya, SE.

General Chairperson of IPSI West Java, Phinera Wijaya said this webinar was a form of cooperation in international relations.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you, the president of European Pencaksilat, who has facilitated this collaboration,” said Phinera Wijaya at SILATJABAR.COM, Saturday (10/30/2021).

He also said that the West Java Pencaksilat was after carrying out the XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua.

“We won the General Champion, with 14 medals, 6 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze. This is an extraordinary achievement,” said Phinera, who is also the chairman of Commission III of the West Java Regional House of Representatives.

The IT team is preparing for a Webinar at the IPSI Padepokan of West Java. (Special Photo)

Meanwhile, the President of the European Pencaksilat Federation, Aidinal Al-Rasyid said that the purpose of holding this webinar was to cultivate Pencaksilat in Europe.

“Thank you IPSI West Java, currently there are 12 European countries participating in the webinar with 145 participants, this is an extraordinary interest,” said Aidinal Al-Rasyid.

In addition, Team Kick Webinars are held to improve the quality of athletes, said Aidinal. So, when the world championships later European countries can compete.

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“You have to, if you can beat Indonesia later. It means that our progress is successful, why not?,” he concluded.


He also promised that his party would develop Pencaksilat in 50 countries in Europe in the future.

In the same place, the Head of the Organizing Committee for the Webinar, Roedi Wiranata Kusumah said the activities were initiated as a form of developing Pencaksilat and training at the international level.

“Thank you, this activity was based on the recommendation of the President of the Europa Pencaksilat Federation, as well as the collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands, it was an extraordinary webinar,” said Roedy.

However, apart from being a training event. The webinar is also proof of the existence of West Java pencak silat in preserving culture after being recognized by UNESCO.

“December 12 coincides with the 2rd anniversary of UNESCO’s recognition of pencak silat as an intangible cultural heritage belonging to the Indonesian nation, this is a concrete manifestation of its implementation,” he concluded. 

Also attending the Team Kick Webinar, the President of the European Pencaksilat Federation, Aidinal Al-Rasyid, Coach Cece, as well as 145 participants from Azerbaijan,
Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia, Norway, Turkey, France, Portugal, Netherlands and United Kingdom. (Red).**